3 comments on “eSports: An exercise in immaturity

  1. Here here.

    The point about growing up and being more mature to attract more sponsors is a great argument, just because it gets down to the base level of what’s going on: Making money. Being a mature community means more $$$ for everyone involved. The other arguments are better from a moral standpoint, but everyone can understand the money argument.

  2. Yeah, there was a LOT of chatter about EG being too hard on Stephano and I was shocked. I mean, you have to aggressively protect your brand!

    Ugh. If you don’t work your ass off to make yourself attractive as a safe investment to sponsors than you are just doing it wrong.

    I think that Riot is really impressive in their attempts to make their community better and to weed out the trolls. It doesn’t feel like they are there yet, but they are more more evolved than Blizzard currently. Its a step in the right direction.

    A final thought on violation of team/game rules etc. The best teaching advice I ever got was: “If you make a mountain out their molehills, no one will bring a mountain to class with them.” It didn’t mean that I should lose my shit and start screaming – it meant that if the consequences were serious enough for minor and moderate infractions, then serious infractions were less likely to happen.

  3. Yeah, Riot is taking good steps. It’s going to be a while before things really improve, but I applaud them for their efforts. I like the honor system they’ve implemented so far, I hope that really helps out.

    I also hope some of the Pros get on board with being better people all around because that attitude really trickles down to the rest of the community.

    /agree on the mountains/molehills comment.

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