3 comments on “Gamer Tags: Shield or Self

  1. Well said. PA also talked about this theory again the other day and thought of another way to update it: http://penny-arcade.com/2013/02/18

    tl;dr was Normal Person – Consequences + Audience = Total Fuckwad

    So I think the “shield” you mention is just a way to remove the possibilities of consequences.

    But, like you, I really feel my pseudonyms are an extension of myself, rather than something different, or even a shield.

    • That was a VERY interesting read. I love the idea of consequences in relation to this discussion. And I agree that the shield people hide behind is the lack of consequences anonymity can provide. While I’m coaching, outcome consequences are a big part of my teaching technique. When an athlete professes a deep desire to succeed, and then works at only 60% their capacity in practice, its obvious that the consequence of failure means less to them than they believe. One of our coaching phrases is: “Show me your desire for excellence in practice today, and skip the emotion after failures.”

      I guess the corollary I’m trying to make is that the lack of consequences can reveal character. It becomes a moral issue. Do you do the right thing because its right? Or because doing the wrong thing will result in punishment? In other words, how would you act in the absence of judgement?

      • Definitely agree.

        I think the later questions are hard because there will never be a time in our society where there is an absence of judgment. Even completely solitary there is still the pressure of culture and upbringing upon us, so it’s a matter of having that message be one that will have people do the right thing and be upstanding, even in times of anonymity.

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