Mists of Pandaria

My first official post of my blog is in regards to the new expansion, Mists of Pandaria. Having been an avid Warcraft gamer since the original RTS game, I’m pleased to know that I still get excited when the game and story progresses. It feels weird to write about the expansion when the purpose of this blog was a chance for me to write about Death Knights and Paladins, but it’s on my mind.

The Good

Most of it. Honestly there is very little I’m not pleased with as I read through the new content. I’m excited to level up my warlock (eventually) with the information given about them. As a level 51 warlock the concept of fixing Destruction and Demonology was irrelevant to me, the new stuff just sounds so damn cool.

The visuals provided are stunning, and I’m very excited to explore what looks like a gorgeous continent. I’m pleased with the Pandaren female, mostly because it looks like a standing bear and I’m relatively easy to please. My main hope was that they didn’t look stupid, and they don’t. I’m excited to roll my monk (yeah I went there), and as I have a certain weakness for tanking I know one of my two specs already.

I like what I hear about the new battlegrounds, scenarios, and challenge modes. The absence of stuff like this is really what makes the game stale for me on the random non-raiding evenings, so I’m glad I’ll have more choices with how to spend my time.

AoE looting. I think this needs no elaboration.

The druid glyphs are inspiring and incredible. This is what glyphs were always meant to be, and while I hear muttering about other classes wishing for similar options, seeing this makes me think they are heading in the right direction and that all classes will soon have cool choices like this.

The Siege of Orgrimmar. I cannot put into words how excited I am for this. As I said above, playing the RTS games was an enjoyable time for me, and memorable as well. I can’t wait to get back to that kind of storyline.

The Bad

Not much to talk about here. As I’m accustomed to, Blizzard went big instead of going home. I’m nitpicking since they didn’t actually promise some of this, but I’m bummed that we’re simply getting 1 extra character slot. It works, but it is a bit of a lackluster solution compared to some of the intuitive ideas they frequently produce.

My biggest gripe was not hearing that they were removing the “must be in a raid group” requirement for soloing old content. Last night I soloed Razuvious and Gothik on my DK, but wiped to Four Horsemen because of a simple mistake. Since my partner had dropped after I zoned in, it wouldn’t let me back in on my own. This is dumb, and I would really like to see a change.

An expansion press release is all about the big picture, not the details, and in terms of the big picture – they nailed it. During beta we’ll know much more about the zones, dungeons, and classes than we do now; and we know it won’t all be smooth sailing.

The Missing

New character models. Dammit dammit dammit. That would have been awesome, and it was something I was really hoping would make the cut.

15 player raids (and only 15 player raids). I think it needs to happen, but I suppose that after only one expansion with 10/25 player equality as the goal, Blizzard may not be ready to throw in the towel. Unless something changes during this expansion, I still expect to see this sometime in the future.

Information of combat mechanic changes, specifically tanks and the concept of active mitigation. Unlike some, I didn’t actually expect to see this information, and I think its more likely to be something that is fleshed out in the beta period.

Changes to daily battlegrounds (really needs to change to the dungeon system) and daily quests, which I would really prefer to see move to weekly quests, or repeatable quests up to a certain point every week.

An improvement to the Auction House UI. This one is not my idea at all, but it is an excellent idea nonetheless.

All things considered, I think rookie and veteran players alike are in for an enjoyable experience.


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