Shared Topic: Who are You?

Trying to find a character in the Warcraft universe that I identified with is pretty difficult. Part of the problem is that many of the NPC’s that we come in contact with are heroic, and their exploits are legendary. I also have a strange take on this topic, in that I have two answers. One of my answers revolves around matching my real life personality with someone in game. The other is who my main character is modeled after.

Be warned, my favorite class (ever since Warcraft 2) is paladins.

Leorad is my main, even if he is not my raiding character at this time. He was the first character created during my trial period, and remains the character I level first and foremost each expansion. Leorad is a paladin specialized in Protection and Retribution. More specifically he is a soldier and a warrior. He does not go out looking for glory and honor, his actions and accomplishments are simply the result of a moral obligation to doing what is right and helping others. Whether those acts are heroic, or grant him recognition, are irrelevant. In this way I have modeled my character around Danath Trollbane. I really loved him in Warcraft 2 lore (the Second War), and enjoyed using him as a hero unit in W2: Beyond the Dark Portal. He come from a famous family, but was not inherently famous. He was simply an exceptional warrior who was recognized for his tremendous accomplishments. And when he had the opportunity to rest and bask in his glory and return to the Arathi Highlands, he chose instead to serve as second-in-command to General Turalyon and pass through the Dark Portal in order to extinguish the threat of the orcs. Finally, when Turalyon went missing, he took up leadership of the Sons of Lothar. He is a tremendous soldier and leader, because that how he identifies himself. Duty above all else.

The personal part is much more difficult. In my mind, saying that you remind yourself of Malfurion Stormrage is kind of silly. I mean, have YOU ever fight back against an evil firelord in his own realm? No? Then it’s an awfully difficult comparison. I guess I identify the most with Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker. He served with distinction in the Second and Third Wars, and now is the commanding officer of the paladins of Stormwind. He is also the lead paladin trainer, charged with teaching and preparing young paladins to serve the Alliance. In real life I am a teacher and coach. I once experienced and participated in these activities, and now I am responsible for passing that learning on to a new generation of students and athletes. Although in one respect we are quite different. He is far more patient than I am, especially considering how many times I’ve gone back to him to work on my talents. He’s rather understanding that way.


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