MoP First Impressions & ‘Other Stuff’

Other Stuff
Tuesday was pretty much an amazing day. It started with my guild attempting our first ever current-content hard mode encounter. We had planned to pull Morchok 5 times, and on the first 2 pulls we got him to 50% before a crystal spawned too far from the boss and the tanks responded too slowly (we each took one turn screwing up). On our fifth attempt we killed the boss with a minute and a half left on the enrage timer. About an hour later, as I tabbed out during a break, I found out I had gotten my beta invite. Could this have gotten any better? Well, yes actually, because the next night after we cleared Madness we got a surprise.
This is an extremely cool mount, and it was snagged by Valkia, a frost death knight we picked up to our raid roster in Tier 11. Next week we will be trying Yor’shaj and Ultraxion on heroic, and I’ll be sure to talk about it here.
Mists of Pandaria First Impressions

The other news, of course, is my beta invite. I’m ecstatic about this, because I really enjoy the game and understand that beta is my opportunity to help improve it. I’m not going to repeat what I say in the video, but I will just say a few things. Pandaria is gorgeous. I mean really, really, stunning. Such a refreshing departure from the destruction of Cataclysm and the later parts of Wrath when you spent all of your time in Icecrown or Storm Peaks. Snowy desolation can get boring real fast. The sound effects and music are excellent as well. We come to expect a lot from Blizzard in terms of soundtracks, and they don’t disappoint this time either. The ambience is very good; immersive is the word that comes to mind, which is exactly the way I like it.

I rolled a female monk ( and quested through level 7, and I have to say it will be easy to shelve my druid once I level up a monk. They are fast-paced, and the energy/Chi system is intuitive and smooth (for now, I’ve heard there are some serious gaps in abilities during the leveling process). Afterwards I got Leodar ready with his keybinds, talents, and glyphs. I’m not going to delve into glyphs too deeply, the one I had the most fun with was Death and Decay and I want to do a lot more testing before I get into the choices.
The only real issue I had during the whole experience was that my damage felt a little low while in my tanking spec. There was a massive difference in my damage output between blood and unholy. My unholy spec decimated everything it ran across, but I’m trying to temper my expectations on the numbers until I’ve run a dungeon and see how it goes.

The last thing I’ll discuss is the first tier talent choices. I was a huge fan of Unholy Blight during early Wrath, so it was out of pure nostalgia that I really wanted to try it again. I was pretty underwhelmed, but I also did not bother to run the numbers to see how much damage was dealt. One thing to mention, however, is that UB is not a single application of Frost Fever and Blood Plague, but that it refreshes these diseases every tick of damage caused – so each mob within 10 yards of you has a full duration of both diseases when the effect wears off. I had a much better experience with Roiling Blood, but with the obvious caveat that I was not ‘testing’ today. Basically Roiling Blood combines the effects of Blood Boil and Pestilence without increasing the cost of either. It’s very interesting stuff – especially for a first tier talent.

Enjoy the video, I hope you find it informative and can ignore the many ‘umms’ and ‘uhhs’ that come with making your first voiceover. I welcome any feedback you have, and feel free to leave suggestions for beta stuff you would like to see in the future.


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