Death Knight Talent Synergy in MoP

Between listening to podcasts and reading articles I’m interested in the idea of synergy between new talents in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. I think this is an interesting concept and I’m excited about getting into it.

Let’s look at a few death knight talents that work together regardless of spec. After looking through the talents I find most of the synergy in combinations to be heavily oriented towards PvP play.

Unholy Blight + Remorseless Winter or Gorefiend’s Grasp
This is basically the answer to an Unholy Death Knights problem of AoE damage, or at least we hope so. Since RW is a stun, there should be no concern about breaking crowd control with UB damage. UB has a range of 10 yards and both of the other talents will make sure you enemies are within range, or that they stay there. Useful to every spec, but with Frost already being in a good place from an AoE perspective, they may find more use from other talent combinations.

Lichborne + Death’s Advance + Desecrated Ground
This is obviously a set of PvP talents, and they are are very powerful when combined. They are not, however, mandatory PvP talents. These are PvP talents that work really well together from a defensive standpoint, increasing your mobility and reducing the opposing team’s ability to CC you. In PvP I tend to play from a defensive perspective. I like to retain control of my character, and my strength is not bursting down my opponent but applying pressure with consistent damage and keeping myself alive. This will probably be my go-to PvP grouping, but the next set is interesting enough that I will probably use it as well.

This is an excellent group of talents for Death Knights that want to be flag carriers, or in battleground/arena situations in which you find your mobility (or lack thereof) to be of the utmost importance.

My 3’s arena team is Resto Druid/Frost Mage/Unholy DK, and I can make a compelling argument to myself that this grouping of defensive control talents with the mage’s powerful PvP tools are a good fit.

Icy Grip + Chilblains + Remorseless Winter

This is my favorite combination of offensive PvP talents. The one caveat I have regarding any on the level 90 talents in regards to PvP is that I am worried they will be rather useless in Arena. Most Arena teams won’t be dumb enough to allow themselves to be stunned by Remorseless Winter, or to try to attack a DK inside Desecrated Ground. Once we’ve had a better chance to test the abilities we’ll know their utility – but I still expect to get a lot of mileage of these talents in battlegrounds.
I like this combination because it acts as the DK gap closer when Death Grip is on cooldown. It give us a decent command of the battlefield and it could be devastatingly powerful in battlegrounds such as Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, and Battle for Gilneas. It is also effective against flag carriers in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks. As someone who hates carrying the flag, I will likely be going on the offensive in WSG, TP, and EotS.

I spent quite a long time pouring through the death knight talents and I found that many of them are quality of life talents. They affect disease spreading, rune regeneration, and self-healing. And while the choices given are a pretty solid first step in providing players with gameplay decisions, they don’t necessarily work together the way some of the other tiers do.

I absolutely love the new talent system, and you won’t be able to talk me out of it. I really could care less about how frequently I get my talents, especially if I’m learning new spells every few levels. This is one change that I am desperately looking forward to.

What are some talent combinations that you are looking forward to in MoP?


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