Back from the Dead

I have been away from my blog and twitter for far too long, so I thought I would get going again with a simple update post. I spent most of this morning reading about changes to the Death Knight class, but instead of rewriting them all I am just going to direct you to a great DK blog which has an awesome summary of what has happened recently, all of which is excellent news.

In the last month I spent a weekend camping in the Adirondack mountains near Lake Placid and had an great time with my wife’s family while we were blessed with amazing weather. We had just purchased a very expensive tent as we had outgrown our old one, and a tent is not really a place to go cheap when you are camping. It was worth every penny. I love this tent, and can’t wait to go camping again. More recently I just returned home from another trip, this one to northern Ontario at French River. We had a good time, although the 8 hour drive was kind of painful with a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Thankfully Ontario’s incredible rest stops along the way made things a lot easier. ONroute, you are amazing.

Squeezed in between these vacations I spent 9 days between two different basketball camps. One of these was a team camp where my squad played in a weekend tournament of sorts, the other was a professional development camp and was one of the most profound professional experiences I have ever had with the game.

While those 4 weeks were wonderful, I was pretty worn out, and had a lot of trouble keeping up with my gaming habits. I just calculated that I spent 12 days at home in the last four weeks. Hopefully next summer I can spread things out a bit.

As far as gaming goes, we are 4 weeks away from getting a long time officer and personal friend his legendary rogue daggers, and while churning through Dragon Soul kinda sucks, we are all pretty excited for him. I have a lot of catching up to do, as I want to collect transmog gear for my Paladin before Mists of Pandaria is released.

In Starcraft 2 I have ascended to a rank of 9 in my bronze ladder. I was briefly ranked 8th, but pushed my luck in the next match. A simple matter of missing my Banshee timing by 30-60 seconds, and making a critical engagement error at my natural ramp during my opponents bio unit push. 13 minutes after reaching Top 8, I was back to #9. C’est la vie. The next season starts on September 1st, and I really would like to join the silver division after my placement matches, so I’ve got some practicing to do.

Other random musings: Liked the MoP trailer, enjoyed the Olympics (although I missed the gold medal men’s basketball game and the closing ceremonies), and my excitement is mounting in anticipation of leveling my monk and warlock. I even had the foresight to create a toon and save my Pandarens name: Nuhuo. I been watching and enjoying ‘Newsroom’, and this morning met the actor that played Roland Pryzbylewski in the ‘The Wire’ at church.


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