Clearing of the Mists

I am going to be perfectly honest that I am having trouble explaining why this expansion is so much better than Wrath of the Lich King. Cataclysm certainly had some cool things, but it was more fun from 1-60 than it was from 80-85, and the introduction of new features that were very successful doesn’t quite offset the “meh-ness” that was our most recent expansion. Whatever went wrong in Cataclysm, thus far, has been remedied in Mists of Pandaria. Thus far it receives a 10/10 on the fun scale for me. I’m sure I will eventually find things I don’t like, but it hasn’t happened yet in any really (punching the giant bug in Valley of the Four Winds was a little silly though) important way.

The visual appeal of the new zones are incredible, and it only improved as I moved into Kun-Lai Summit. The story is conflict driven, but moderately complex, and so far very well told through the questing experience. The questing experience itself is awesome, I made more character choices about following questlines than previously, and the achievement tracker showed me if there was a storyline I missed so I can back and do it later if I want (for example, I decided not to do the Nesingwary quests so far). I can also choose which stories to folllow. I reached a place in Kun-Lai that had quests branching out in different directions, and I chose to continue the Loremaster Cho one as I was enjoying that story. This experience didn’t exist in Cataclysm, and is a very welcome change.

Now for pictures!!

I am absolutely loving the Sha art. These are the coolest monsters I have ever killed in WoW.
Whale shark and Megalodon? Double the awesome.
This rare killed me 5 times before a Horde paladin got him. Bummer.

The next 3 pictures were from a spot in Kun-Lai Summit where I was questing.

This one made me smile.
This one made me giggle.
And this one made me laugh out loud. Love these three. Totally naming my next toon Hackiss.
Never miss out on a chance to beat up some Hozen. I hate these creatures. Well played Blizzard.
A view as I follow the trail to the Temple of the White Tiger.

For the first time since I can remember I am actually looking forward to leveling my other characters through the same zones. I don’t know exactly why, but something feels different, and I can’t get enough of it.

Enough writing, more questing. Onward to 90.


3 thoughts on “Clearing of the Mists”

  1. Very cool. It seems like there is a lot of positivity right now from a lot of people about how fun this expansion is and just how great the zones and the dungeons look. I’ve been caught up playing a Monk and haven’t got into the new zones yet other than The Wandering Isle, but so far this expansion isn’t disappointing.

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