An New Year’s Update on my WoW Hibernation

Not much has changed in the last two months, and I’m still not playing World of Warcraft very much, logging on maybe once every 8 days or so to check mail, patches, and add-ons. Truth be told I just don’t have enough time for a game without a pause button – or the options to walk away and come back. So Diablo 3 and Heroes of Might and Magic (3, 4, and 5) are getting my attention these days because I feel like I can accomplish something and save my game if I’m interrupted, which I usually am. WoW is so immersive and social to me that I feel like the 20 and 30 minute chunks of gaming time I find aren’t enough to really accomplish anything.

So far my basketball season is going very well. We are 6-1 and very close to securing a berth to our local playoffs that lead to our state tournament (for you New Yorkers I’m referring to sectionals).  According to the moderately reliable but not completely accurate MaxPreps website we are also a top 25 team for our size in New York, so to say this season has been my best as a coach would be a massive understatement. Our points per game are up, turnovers are down, and we’ve seen a 5% increase in field goal percentage. I have no seniors and go eight deep with substitutions which includes three sophomores. Simply put, things are good. Unfortunately for my gaming lifestyle things don’t get much easier. We have 4 games in the next 8 days, which includes 2 ranked teams, one of which is an undefeated local rival who hasn’t lost to my school in…well, a really, really long time. That means putting in long hours with scouting, film breakdown, and practice planning to make sure we are well prepared. Obviously this leaves me with virtually no time to run dailies and heroics, mostly because I’m still at home with my two daughters full time and the only time my wife and I have to spend time together is at night (when I’m not at practice, or have a game, or am scouting an opponent, etc.).

Despite the general disappointment I have not being able to play as much as would like (and I have barely played on my Starcraft 2 ladder since my promotion to silver last season), I’m pretty happy overall, if not a little tired. These breaks I take every year from November through the end of February are good for me in the long run. When March rolls around and my free time opens up I can get right back to a good balance of gaming and coaching.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, and that the new year brings you happiness and shiny loot.


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