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Shared Topic: Windows to the World

My User Interface is something that I am pretty proud of, although I do not think I am a trend setter in any way. It is more that I created this myself, with my own design elements, add-ons, and placement. Obviously I found inspiration in a lot of places, not the least of which is WoW Insider’s “Reader UI of the Week.” Since raiding in 10’s is my end game preference, my UI is built around telling me the information I need, and when I need to see. The basic elements start at the bottom, and as your eyes track upgrade towards the character the information becomes more important. For example, it’s nice for Titan Panel to tell me that my latency is 44ms, but it’s important that I know I have the available runes to hit Death Strike (as evidenced by the Death Strike icon from Weak Auras), which is why the WA visual effect is practically on my character. Death Strikes are critical to Blood tanking, and it needs to be in a prominent spot. Hence, Titan Panel information at the bottom, Weak Auras towards my character.

You can see many of my add-ons and design elements are on the bottom. I found over time the visual cues in the top corners were hard to keep my eyes on.

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